• The Light Exchange General Policies & Procedures • 
Please remember- Treat your fellow members with respect.  We're all local business people with similar business challenges; the Golden Rule and polite courtesy go a long way!
1- The Light Exchange requires a valid debit/credit card on file at all times. Cash fees are charged by the 5th of the following month. Payments not collected when due may affect your membership status.
2- The Light Exchange emails Monthly Statements within 5 days of the end of each month.  Current Statements are available 24/7 on The Light Exchange website.
3- A list of current The Light Exchange members and their products and services services is available on our website at www.thelightexchange.com
4- Buyers: Please be aware of your spendable trade balance prior to making purchases so you don't incur a negative balance or go over your credit limit, if approved for credit.
5- Sellers: Please check with www.thelightexchange.com by email, text or phone before doing a sales transaction over T$500.00, to verify that purchaser has enough trade currency to make the purchase.
6- Sellers: Please post trades on www.thelightexchange.com website as soon as possible. Please do so within 14 days, but preferably within 1-3 days of transaction. This helps to keep members' balances accurate. 
7- A member of The Light Exchange is not obligated to trade with another member if they have had a previous cash business relationship.
8- A The Light Exchange Member can put themselves on "On Hold" status for a maximum of 3 months within a 12-month period. This means that member won't be selling to other members during the "On Hold" period. However, that member may still purchase. Local Trade Group reserves the right to place members "On Hold" if they have a trade balance of more than T$10,000 trade dollars, and have spent less than 25% of their current trade balance in the preceding 12 months. If a Member is "On Hold", they are still required to pay the current monthly fee. 
9- The Light Exchange will attempt to settle disagreements and disputes between members, if and when they occur, and one or both of the parties asks for help in getting to a resolution.
10- See the Membership Agreement for additional information concerning policies, terms and conditions.
These policies are subject to change from time to time with written notice.